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"AJ's sales copy delivered unheard of results, despite what we were told was a high price point for our market. Affiliates were getting EPCs between $8-22 on the front end and 30-40% buy throughs on the rest of the funnel offers."

- Damian S, Why These Words

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"We had been looking for a way to boost our monthly revenue, and AJ looked at our offers and was able to come up with one single email that combined with a small tweak to an existing landing page added and extra $2,432 to the month.."

- Mitch B, Pencil Kings

"In a single copy review session AJ identified several areas our copy was missing the mark. He scripted a sales video and a provided a few other copy edits. The result? Our sales increased by over 20%"

- Jeremy H, Ketosummit

"AJ produced an email campaign that delivered 17% visitor to sales conversions. The next best affiliate managed 5% and the average for the launch was around 2%. That's some seriously persuasive copy."

- Annie D, Fiction Unleashed

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